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Elena Kaufmann, born in 1992, is working on a multimedia approach to poetry and lives in Berlin.


14.08. – 26.08.2023                   VALLI ART LAB – Museo della CartaToscolano Maderno, Italia



                                                   LONGINGS I–V

                                                   Acrylic on paper, 2023.

                                                   The series of text paintings is a playful research on collective longings,

                                                   interlacing patterns of advertisement, diagnosis and desire.


Poetic Walking Meditation

15.08.2023 16h

Reading a poem or reading a Tuesday – the focus of the performance will be resonance as praxis, one in and for which we are bodies before anything else – breathing, listening, and yes, one body among other bodies. The participative piece is the attempt to build a collective moment of sensitized perception.

23.11. – 24.11.2023                   BERLINER MANUSKRIPTE 2023 – Literaturforum im Brecht-Haus Berlin

Poetry Reading

15./ 16./ 17.03.2024                  DANIEL'S DESTRUCTION – Akademie der Künste Berlin


Theatre project together with Yannik Böhmer and Nicolaas van Diepen

__starting December 2022 there's a second edition of the artist's book Dear world you have made the persons slow.

__working grant Literature of the city of Berlin 2023

press statement Literaturstiftung Bayern – LITERATURUPDATE 2020 Den Tod schreiben (second prize): 


"The eleven poems of the 27-year-old, born in Erlangen, are rhythmic miniatures on the fragility of life. The jury remarks that 'impressively, Kaufmann manages to write the ever-existent presence of death in its most literal sense, word by word, sound by sound."

BR2 KulturLeben, 21.10.2021  –  

"Dear World..." – Mit Blackout Poetry durch die Krise. Kunstbuch der Lyrikerin Elena Kaufmann


„[…] Erst beim Zuhören fällt er so richtig auf, der persönliche Ton, der in ihren poetischen Botschaften mitschwingt: sphärisch und direkt; tastend, aber irgendwie unerschrocken.“"

(...listen to the complete feature here)

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